Work in the Middle of Nature in Quaint Off-Grid Workplace

Great to see that the KantoorKaravaan has been picked up by international media, to an extent we never expected: after a publication in Swedish magazine Sapir, Dutch newspaper Trouw wrote about us. All relatively quiet until the infamous Pop-Up City discovered our rolling offices, whereafter Fast Company decided to pick it up. From there things went out of control, with international platforms like Treehugger, Inhabitat, Gizmag, Slate, PSFK, Bored Panda, The Plaid Zebra, Design Taxi, and also German, French, Spanish, Polish, and even Slovakian media writing about our ‘tiny desk-sharing spaces in the wilderness’. And again back to The Netherlands with NRC Next and national radio. We’re very happy with all the attention since it gives us the recognition that we’re on the right track, and backs up our assumption that in these times of technological advance people still haven’t lost the longing for nature, for the wild.

KK in Trouw



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