KantoorKaravaan wouldn’t be KantoorKaravaan without pulling off epic adventures. That’s why we left The Netherlands for a Workation Expedition. We’ll be on the road for a mere 2 1/2 weeks, combining outdoor adventure with work. We’re also visiting a couple of great locations, one of them being the Freedom X Fest – the first festival of its kind for the location independent movement – and the Unbeaten Adventures people in Ainsa, northern Spain. We are really looking forward to be part of these events and we’ll report our stories from there. We also partner with Seats2Meet, who developed a great tool – the Seats2Meet passport – which connects digital nomads all over the world.

The Workation Expedition team consists of Peter, Tom, Mark and Michiel. We’ll report through this medium, and you can also find our stories on Insta, Facebook, and Youtube.

See you in nature!


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