Guest contribution by Michiel de Koning. After all this road tripping and trying to find an answer to the question how to live a thriving lifestyle I will try to give an answer based on the insights my friends and I got in the last weeks. In our opinion thriving requires a basic foundation of stability that gives a sense of safety, provides in social relationships, and of course food and water. As soon as those basic needs are met we believe that experimenting, connecting with nature and yourself, and most of all being content by accepting whatever happens while striving to change the things for the better if possible, helps us thrive.

The time we spend working on purposeful projects gives us meaning, but even if we love our work so much, we have to find a balance in our lives, because doing sports, going outdoors, reading, and spending time with family and friends is helping us to have a thriving lifestyle. This may seem as a boring conclusion to have a balanced lifestyle and focus on one thing at the time, but in the age of the attention economy, it is increasingly difficult to prioritize what is best for me, and not be distracted by social media and email.

Therefore we think it is important to live mindfully. Paying attention to the things that matter to you and practicing any form of meditation to become better at living in the moment. Outside of the present moment, there are worries and anxieties about the future or regrets and anger about the past, but in the present moment there only is an experience. So the final insight about a thriving lifestyle, after nature connection, playing, basic needs, and a balanced lifestyle is the fact that it is important for me to live with more awareness and less judgment, more acceptance, and less stress.

After our journey through Europe where we had the best times of our lives, we came to the realization that having good intentions is not good enough, knowing what to do is not going to help me thrive, but doing what I love to do in a balanced way, is going to help me thrive. Now I just need to take action and design my time and attention according to the principles and insights we have learned along the way.

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